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How to Make Math More Engaging For Kids

Have you ever heard your child say that math isn’t fun? While math can be challenging, there are a variety of ways to make math more engaging and fun for kids of all ages. 

First, help your child understand how they can use math in real-life scenarios. From cooking to careers, there’s a ton of instances that math is useful, and recognizing that can help them understand why it’s important to continue practicing. Once they understand a bit more about how math is used, try some of the below methods to make learning math more engaging.

Play math games

There are a ton of math games out there that effectively teach while being entertaining. No matter what math level your child is at, there is a game that can tie in learning a new concept or strengthening one that they want to improve. Playing math games takes away a feeling of intimidation and encourages kids to have fun while practicing their skills.

Incorporate it into their interests

Let’s say your child loves to help you cook. You can incorporate math seamlessly into your preparation by discussing recipes while cooking. If your child loves soccer, you can talk about how math can be used to figure out different plays and positions, and how the statistics side of it can tell a story.

Incorporating math into an interest that they love will show kids that math is useful and something that can help them expand their skills.

Hands-on learning experiences

Have you ever seen a jar filled with candies and the option to guess how many are in the jar? This is a great example of a hands-on learning experience because of the options to incorporate math skills. While guessing is a fun element, counting different colored candies can bring in addition, multiplication, and even fractions. It’s a great way to show math beyond paper and pencil problems.

Read books that talk about math

If your child is interested in reading or learning about math in a different way than just through numbers and equations, try finding books that incorporate math. Many children’s picture books use math to count or talk about objects. 

Enroll in an enrichment program

Sometimes math isn’t fun because a child is struggling with the foundational skills. To make math more engaging, consider an enrichment program that consistently challenges and incorporates practice. This will help to build their skills and ability to problem solve which in turn can help them feel more confident to tackle math concepts.

The Kumon Math Program develops strong problem-solving and calculation skills from the four basic operations through algebra and calculus. In the Math Program, students will develop a solid foundation of math skills that can help them excel in and out of the classroom.