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How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss for Your Children

Summer is only a few weeks away and with it comes warm weather, longer days, and of course, fun in the sun for your children. For many students, it also means time away from school. However, the time spent away from school can be detrimental and is a phenomenon known as summer learning loss. According to research by John Hopkins University, students can lose nearly three months of grade level equivalency in math and up to two months of grade level equivalency in reading over the summer break.

In order to combat summer learning loss, your children need regular practice of math and reading all summer long. Kumon Math and Reading programs can help your children fight off the effects of summer brain drain through daily practice, while giving  them an academic edge when they start the next school year.

It is important that your children maintain a daily routine with their Kumon worksheets during the summer months. By working with your Kumon Instructor around your family’s busy summer schedule, your children can continue practicing critical math and reading skills while your family is far away from your local center on extended vacations.

You can also help your children combat summer learning loss by monitoring your children’s reading habits. Print out the Kumon Recommended Reading List or create your own summer reading list and take it to your local library or bookseller to encourage your children to read a new book each week. By creating a summer book list, you are helping your children build a positive reading routine that continues well beyond the summer. In addition, help your children build their critical thinking skills by trying a few of these activities before and after reading with them.

Summer time is also an excellent time for your children to channel their inner scientists by conducting experiments. Not only can experiments highlight the connection between math and science, but they also can help to motivate your children to develop a love of science.

Summer is the perfect time to strengthen your children’s love for learning.  Be sure to stop by your local Kumon Center to find out how your children can prevent the effects of summer learning loss and have them ready for the upcoming school year.