How to Support Your Child with Their Education

How to Support Your Child with Their Education

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Being involved in your child’s academics can make a massive impact on their success. It’s beneficial to first understand where they’re at in their learning so you can best tailor how you support your child with their education.


Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences

Meeting with teachers when your school district holds conferences is a great time to learn what is going on in school and how your child is progressing. It’s an opportunity to get more insight into the support that can be offered to help your child meet the standards for their grade or even learn about more resources to challenge your child further.


Set up a Homework Routine

Schedules outside of school can be packed with activities. It helps to incorporate a set homework time into your routine. Doing so will make sure it is a priority each day. This is the time you can also use to see if there’s anything specific your child might be struggling with completing or could be challenged more with advanced materials.


Praise efforts

Praise can play a significant role in the development of children. It can motivate, empower, and boost a child’s self-esteem. This in turn can help to raise their confidence, especially to tackle challenging problems. Keep in mind that praising efforts and not solely focusing on achievements can go a long way. Learn more about praising your child’s efforts here.


Add in supplemental help

If your child is struggling to master foundational math or reading skills, a program like Kumon can help. Kumon is also a terrific addition for children who could benefit from more practice or are looking for a challenge. The Kumon Program will build your child’s math and reading skills, but it also helps them manage their time, develop the ability to work independently and build confidence to tackle new concepts.


How can Kumon support your child with their education?

Together, you and Kumon can expand your child’s possibilities. Here’s how Kumon offers academic support:


Each child takes a Placement Test so the instructor can determine their starting point

Understanding where your child is in their learning is key to knowing how to best support them with their education. At Kumon, your child will take a Placement Test to determine where they will begin in the program. Starting at a comfortable spot in the program helps a child practice and build solid study skills before diving into anything new.


Daily practice in just 30 minutes per subject

Adding more homework to your child’s routine may seem like a lot but think about it, whether you’re learning to swim, speak a new language, or play the piano, it takes consistent practice. You need to continually practice a skill to master it. To master math and/or reading, children work om their Kumon worksheets for 30 minutes per day, per subject.

Many Kumon Instructors will provide parents with resources on how to support daily homework. One of these tips is to add it to your child’s school homework routine. Making sure Kumon homework is completed will ensure your child is benefiting from the program while also helping them build their skills for their schoolwork.


Frequent parent communication

Kumon Centers are individually owned and operated. Each Kumon Instructor communicates with families differently but do know that they and center staff are there for support. Many will provide frequent progress updates, so you know where your child is and the future goals to work towards. This supports their education because it provides insight into areas that might need more practice and how to incorporate more of this into future sessions.

Supporting your child with their education may look different for everyone because each child’s academic skills vary. The level of support they need any change as they progress and being there to praise and encourage them will go a long way. Also, remember that educators and Kumon are always here to share more resources! Find your nearest Kumon Center here: to contact the Instructor today!