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How to Thank a Teacher

November 7, 2011 ~

Teachers are the backbone of the education system. The fall and winter months, which are often peppered with traditions of reflection and gratitude, are the perfect time to let those exceptional teachers know just how much of a difference they truly make. Kumon asked a handful of educators some questions about how parents and students can show their appreciation. The answers were informative, surprisingly simple and certainly heartwarming.
Give Thanks by Staying Involved
Across the board, teachers feel most supported by parents when the parents stay involved. Supporting the teaching style, checking homework, keeping your children accountable and staying on top of report cards and class requirements were all cited as incredibly helpful. Asking questions was also encouraged, in addition to communicating with the teacher about your child’s needs and any special situations.
Schoolteachers ultimately want your child to succeed; and they know that you, as a parent or guardian, play an enormous role in that success. By staying involved in the education process, you support your child’s teacher and make him or her feel deeply appreciated.
Give Thanks by Being Courteous and Prepared
Skip the apple. The best ways students can show gratitude to schoolteachers are simply to be kind, attentive and prepared. A warm smile and a hello go a long way in making a teacher’s day. It is even better when a student stays engaged in class, is kind to fellow students and straightens up his or her work area.
One teacher sums it up best: “Genuine common courtesy goes a long way with me.”
Give Thanks by Providing Supplies
When asked what schoolteachers often need for their classrooms, general school supplies, including pencils, paper, cleaning supplies, healthy snacks for elementary school and books for English classes, were the most requested items. Every school is different, so be sure to ask your child’s teacher what he or she needs. For some, the perfect gift could be as simple as paper and pencils wrapped in a bow or a basket filled with cleaning supplies or snacks for the class. Of course, attaching a genuine thank-you note can make it all the better.
Why Teachers Are Thankful
We wrapped up our questionnaire by asking for what teachers were most thankful. They love having diverse and challenging jobs that never get boring. Teachers are thankful when parents and the school administration provide a supportive work environment for them, but at the heart of it all are the students.
Across the board, teachers feel grateful when students grow and learn. Whenever students take time to let a teacher know how their lives are going and how that teacher made an impact, the message of gratitude is made even more enduring. Whether expressed by a hand-written note, a smile or a simple thank-you, showing gratitude enriches everyone’s lives. Take the time to give thanks, and you can not only improve someone’s day, but you can also make a lasting impression. Teachers are no different from the rest of us, and they feel great when you take an interest and communicate your appreciation. If you haven’t had the opportunity to give thanks to a special educator, start today!