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How to Turn Summer Brain Drain into Summer Brain GAIN!

The summer is an opportune time to continue your children’s Kumon study routine.  Although a little downtime is good for us all, once children have had a chance to relax, it’s time to reintroduce a little bit of routine back into their days.  Kumon is the perfect solution to keep your children’s minds stimulated during the summer.  Maintaining daily practice of the Kumon Worksheets strengthens the motivation to continue learning.

Reading Tips

In addition to improving comprehension, concentration and writing abilities, reading introduces your children to worlds outside their own and helps them become more open to new ideas.


  • Focus on their interests. Make summer learning fun by encouraging your children to read books based on their own interests like science fiction, sports, or even fantasy.
  • Choose a time. Set a specific amount of time each day that each family member devotes to reading.
  • Read together. If your child struggles with reading for any length of time, you can practice shared reading, i.e., taking turns reading pages, sections or chapters.


Don’t forget to have your child check out Kumon’s Recommended Reading List.

Math Tips

Math is everywhere and used by everyone.  Help your child make that connection wherever you go, such as the supermarket, the mall, when travelling, in games and sports or simply staying at home.

  • Determine the best value. When grocery shopping, have your child figure out the product with the best value. Is it cheaper per ounce to buy a 24 oz. product for $3.99 or a 36 oz. product for $4.99?
  • Budget for the day. At an amusement park, have your child budget the day’s expenses based on the number of individuals going, the cost of tickets, the cost of meals and beverages, etc.
  • Mix it up. Did you know that cooking can be a lesson in math, from simple measurement to complex fractions and ratios? Help your child gain math skills in the kitchen.

These everyday activities help children understand why learning should never be ignored during the summer months.

Children nationwide are affected by summer learning loss. According to the education website

  • Summer learning loss is worst in math and spelling. The average setback is 2.6 months in math and 2 months in spelling.
  • 17% of the new school year is spent re-teaching information forgotten over the summer.
  • Only about 9% of students attend summer learning programs.

Turn summer brain drain into summer brain GAIN and talk to your Instructor to learn how Kumon can help.