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How to Write a Story with Your Children

Story-telling and the act of writing stories is  a great way to get your children excited about reading. Children learn to organize their thoughts, foster creativity, and better understand stories written by others by creating and telling a story.

We have compiled a list of tips to help your children create their own stories.

1. Pick a spot.

Find a special place where you and your children can create a story together, such as the kitchen table or a reading nook. Make sure whichever area you choose is far away from distractions, such as a computer or TV, and is a quiet and comfortable area.

2. Let Your Children Take The Lead

Allow your children to take control by creating characters and plot lines. This will help build your children’s confidence and provide a sense of independence. However, if they seem stumped or need some encouragement, be sure to offer suggestions to help progress the story along.

3. Add Obstacles

No story would be complete without an obstacle for the protagonist to overcome. When helping your children create their story, make sure that the characters in the story have a problem to solve or an obstacle to overcome. This will help build the story around the importance of problem solving.

4. Make A Picture

Have your children create images to accompany their story. They can draw several pictures and include dialogue and a simple plot. An alternative would be to have your children create the story first and then draw a couple of pictures that highlight the major plot points of the story.

5. Write What You Know

If your children are having a case of writer’s block, ask them to write about something they have already experienced, such as losing a tooth, riding a bike to the first time, or making a new friend.

What are some additional ways to help your children practice their story-telling skills?