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Importance of Math in Everyday Life

“When will I use math?” is a question often posed by students wondering how topics like factorization and algebra will play a role in their everyday lives. However, often without realizing it, we use math in day-to-day activities like making purchases, tracking cellphone minutes or even baking.

Looking for a few ways to motivate your children to enjoy math? Encourage them by discussing math’s relevance to potential dream jobs. Here are few ideas to get started:

  • Animator – An animator uses linear algebra to show the way an object is rotated and shifted, and made larger and smaller.
  • Computer Scientist – Creating the next generation of gadgets and apps involves more math than one may think. Theoretical studies of algorithms are just a small part of the process.
  • Fashion Designer – Fashion designers use area, perimeter and diameter as well as mathematical algorithms to help create designs and calculate the amount and cost of fabric required.
  • Astronaut – Astronauts use math to make precise mathematical calculations, from how the spacecraft leaves Earth’s atmosphere to how the astronauts pilot the craft.
  • Architect – Architects use math to calculate the square footage of rooms and buildings, to lay out floor space dimensions and to calculate the required space for other areas such as parking, plumbing, etc.

Many aspiring careers require a solid foundation in mathematics. Whether your children dream of becoming a math professor, research analyst, Pixar animator or fashion designer, give them the tools they need to succeed. Ranging from basic counting to advanced calculus, the Kumon Math Program enhances problem solving techniques and improves mental calculation and reasoning skills – all tools which can lead to life-long success.