Avoid the Summer Heat With These 4 Indoor Educational Activities

Avoid the Summer Heat With These 4 Indoor Educational Activities

Mom and children baking

You may have read our recent article about fun and educational activities your child can do outdoors. While we hope summer brings beautiful weather, we can’t ignore the fact that summer also brings heat waves and thunderstorms! If you’re not sure how to make the most out of those days, we have you covered! Here are some different educational indoor activities you can do with your child when you are prevented from going outside! 


Teach Them How to Cook or Bake 


Having your child help you cook or bake a recipe is a great way for your child to learn how to follow instructions and build their confidence. To start, have your child look up a recipe that they would like to make. Make a checklist with your child and have them help you gather the ingredients. Once you have everything in order, have them measure, pour, and mix the ingredients. Watch the smiles on their face grow as they see the final product of the recipe that they helped you with creating, and remember, encouragement is key to confidence! 




Painting and drawing are activities that allow kids to utilize their imaginations in many ways. Every child is born with some form of creativity and utilizing paint brushes and crayons is a fun way to express that creativity. You can even have your child paint or draw on the front of a card for them to write to a loved one, or just create a piece of artwork for them to display in their room! 


Play Board Games or Do a Puzzle 


Playing board games or doing a puzzle is a great family activity that allows you to spend quality time with one another. This also helps reduce your child’s screen time if you are looking for an activity that doesn’t involve a computer or a phone. Playing board games or doing puzzle also helps teach your child how to problem solve, which is beneficial both in and outside of the classroom. 


Do a Science Experiment 


If science is a subject that your child struggles within school, then you can do some science experiments together that is engaging and educational, right in your kitchen! You can make things such as homemade slime, a lava lamp, and even dry erase figures that become animated! While you are thinking of the science experiment you want to do with your child, make sure you are educating them along the way. To make the activity extra educational, explain to them what is happening at each step. Here are a bunch of easy and fun science experiments that you can do while you are stuck inside! 


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