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Inspire Your Kids to Love Math

“When am I ever going to use math?” Have you ever heard these words from your children? Struggling students or even children with minimal math anxiety can become frustrated with complex math problems and quickly give in to the notion that they will never use math in real-life situations.  

While some kids may fuss about math and daily practice, it’s important that they know that math is all around us. In fact, math is so ingrained in our daily life, that sometimes we use math without even realizing it. From telling time to calculating a tip to shopping at the grocery store, we are constantly faced with math problems to solve.  

Add to that the fact that math plays a pivotal role in getting into college, no matter the desired career path. Performing well on standardized tests helps students gain admission to their university of choice and allows them the most opportunities for career development.

Do you ever struggle to communicate the importance of a strong foundation in math to your children? Use the infographic below to help your children tap into a greater appreciation of math.

Helping children realize that math plays an important role in our daily lives may be the first step to alleviating their math anxiety and inspiring a love of learning. Being good at math can open many doors later in life.