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Instructor Spotlight: Sherman Liu

Sherman and Margaret stand in front of a worksheet shelf

Meet Sherman and Margaret Liu. They are the proud owners of Kumon of Nutley (New Jersey). The minute that I walked into their Center, I immediately felt their dedication to not only their students, but also their community. Their Kumon Center isn’t just a business to them. It’s like an extension of their family.

“Margaret and I are both 200% hands-on,” said Sherman. “It’s our personal business and we care so much. We want to ensure quality. It’s not just about pushing paper.”Sherman stands in front of worksheet shelves in his center

Sherman and Margaret were first introduced to Kumon when they saw their two young nieces doing worksheets at their kitchen counter more than 20 years ago. They were amazed at how they could do different operations of fractions at such a young age with the speed and accuracy of adults! That day, they decided that their son would also do Kumon when he reached the appropriate age. Three years later, they enrolled their four-year-old son at Kumon of Nutley.

“We received a first-hand look at the Kumon philosophy when we saw how much our son benefited from the Kumon Method and the daily practice,” said Sherman. “The perseverance helped build our son’s study skills, work ethic, and confidence.”

A few years down the road, the Instructor of Kumon of Nutley was looking for a Kumon family to take over the center. Sherman knew that he wanted to become a Kumon Instructor and help more families and students benefit from the program, but he wasn’t quite ready to leave his job as a lead network systems engineer at a major telecommunications company. Sherman’s brother-in-law decided to take over the Center as the Instructor and Margaret worked closely with him on the daily operations. Sherman helped out at the Center after work for four years and then officially took over the Center from his brother-in-law in 2014.

Sherman’s 19 years with Kumon—first as a Kumon Parent for nine years, then working in his brother-in-law’s Center for four years and now as a Kumon Instructor for five years—gives him a unique perspective! He shares his experience with us below.

What is it about being an Instructor that you enjoy the most?Sherman helps a student in the center

I have to say that the process of helping a student learn, improve and achieve! The transformation of a student into a confident, cheerful learner gives me so much joy and satisfaction.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a Kumon Instructor?

I think it’s the awareness that we as Instructors are in a position to change a student’s future, a family’s hope in their children and the future of our society.

What achievements are you most proud of?

Sometimes the smallest efforts can achieve the greatest results. Helping a student change his/her attitude towards learning, helping parents understand the importance of having a strong and solid foundation, and seeing the results of the joint effort and hard work.