Integrity and Positivity are the Root of this Kumon Student’s Success

Integrity and Positivity are the Root of this Kumon Student’s Success

12-year-old Harveer, Reading Program Completer, Math Level K

12-year-old Harveer has developed a positive attitude and mindset that has helped put him on a path to success. Being a Kumon Student has taught him many lessons, but the most beneficial thing that Harveer has learned in Kumon is how to be an independent problem solver.

“Before joining Kumon, I would often rely on my parents for answers! I did not realize that it was important for me to try things on my own. That’s where Kumon came in. Whenever I run into a problem in my Kumon packets, I go back and reread the concepts until I do understand. I try solving the problem on my own before I reach out to confirm if I have solved it correctly,” said Harveer.

Kumon has helped him gain more confidence trying to tackle problems independently in his schoolwork and throughout other activities.

“I’m no longer afraid of making mistakes. I know that making mistakes means that I can improve.”

Harveer has many accomplishments within his school district. In 5th grade, he delivered a speech to 500 students and won the election to become the student council school president. He was also chosen to be on the school district’s student board, where he helped brainstorm and implement ideas to improve the schools. Harveer’s positive attitude was recognized by the school district in which he was presented the Integrity Award.

Ever since third grade Harveer has been a part of the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program. In 2019, he had the opportunity to attend the UC Berkeley Summer Institute for the Gifted, a three-week residential camp.

In addition to his accomplishments in school, he is active in various extracurricular activities. He participated in his city’s business fair against 60 other teams. His team won first place for the most sales, best products, and best core values of integrity and kindness.

Harveer is also passionate about music in which he was recognized by the California Bay Area Tri Valley Sikh Association for his renditions of Kirtan music in public performances.

Harveer said, “I enjoy playing music immensely. I have been learning to play the piano for the last 2 years and have already attained Level 4, which normally takes an average of 4 years.” In addition to playing music, Harveer loves to share his knowledge about Indian Classical music with younger kids when at temple on Sundays.

Another extracurricular that Harveer enjoys is martial arts. He has been practicing for about two years and is on the path to receive his Black Belt in March of 2021.

Learn more about Harveer’s Kumon journey and inspirations:

What advice would you give to kids just starting Kumon?

I would tell students that although it will be difficult to do Kumon in the beginning, you have to push yourself constantly. When you finally finish a level, you will feel really happy about all the work that you did!

How do you continue to stay motivated in Kumon even when work becomes challenging?

When the material is challenging, I remind myself that this is the time that I have to persevere the most. I know that even though it will take a very long time to finish the packet, when I finally finish it, I will be very proud of myself. This further motivates me to do the next challenging packets.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My parents are my biggest inspiration. They worked hard and came to a new country. They faced many hardships, but still ensured that their kids could have the best life possible. I’m grateful for all the love and support that my parents give me every day!

What is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is the Harry Potter series. I really like how Harry Potter was such a brave person, and despite all his challenges, he always found a way to end with a positive outcome. I would really like to incorporate all these traits and qualities in my life which is why I really like this series.