Isabella, 8: Instructor Susan Lake - Kumon

Isabella, 8: Instructor Susan Lake

July 7, 2010 ~
Eight-year-old Isabella of Westport, Connecticut, is out to prove that one person can make a difference at any age. After the crisis in Haiti, Isabella decided to do her part to help the victims of the disaster. She raised money to donate to ‘Save the Children,’ a nonprofit organization providing food, shelter and medical attention to children in Haiti and the around the world. Her passion for philanthropy has inspired those around her to help her raise more than $100.

“My teacher told us about all the people in Haiti and how they lost everything,” said Isabella. “Helping them made me feel good because I was making a difference.” Isabella even offered her favorite books to the people who donated money.

When Isabella isn’t helping the less fortunate, studying reading level E1 and math level F at Kumon, she can be found playing with her friends, reading and practicing piano. Isabella also enjoys horseback riding and taking care of her four dogs and hamster. She hopes to become a veterinarian one day and believes that Kumon will help her achieve that goal by building her math skills.

“Kumon has helped me learn things on my own before I learn them in school so I can speed through math class,” said Isabella. “When I finish, my teacher will let me play on the computer or help the other students.”

Isabella is fluent in Spanish and is currently combining her math and language skills to tutor a new student from Chile.