Ishaan, 11: Instructor, Koji Otsuka - Kumon

Ishaan, 11: Instructor, Koji Otsuka

March 6, 2012 ~
Six years ago, Ishaan, now 11, enrolled at Kumon of West San Jose, to practice his math skills. Since this time, he has developed into a straight-A student and an independent young man.
Ishaan’s father, Sudip, credits his son’s academic ability and independence to Kumon. “He has been on autopilot in all his subjects now,” said Sudip. “When he was small, he would ask for help. As he grew up, he would ask me to sit with him while he did his homework. Now, he hardly needs any help and does his homework on his own.”
Ishaan, a Level H Math and Level G Reading Student, agrees that Kumon has influenced his independent work skills. “Kumon trains me to learn material on my own, so that I don’t have to always depend on someone,” said Ishaan. “It has helped me build self-confidence, and I have learned responsibility and self-discipline.”
On track to become a Program Completer, Ishaan must prioritize to keep up with his Kumon studies. He usually does Kumon homework at his after school program, but sometimes, he wakes up early in the morning to do his work. Ishaan’s self-discipline and perseverance to complete his work ensures he still has time for his many interests, such as cooking, swimming, Tae Kwon Do, painting, singing, hip-hop dancing, and playing piano, soccer and football.
There is no doubt Ishaan will utilize the rock-solid academic foundation and ability to persevere, which he gained at Kumon, for years to come. Ishaan’s dreams for the future include attending a university like Stanford, Yale or Princeton, becoming the CEO of a company and traveling the world.
Kumon of West San Jose Instructor, Koji Otsuka, is proud of his student’s accomplishments. “Ishaan is an exemplary student,” said Otsuka. “With his solid academic skills and his strong work ethic, I am confident that Ishaan will be able to achieve any goals he sets in life.”