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It Takes a Village

May 23, 2011 ~

As another school year draws to a close, remember to take time to reflect on the people in your life who have made sacrifices to give your children the education and support they need to become successful adults. Here are some examples of key people who may be essential in supporting your child as he or she continues on the journey of a life filled with learning.

Teachers: Men and women wake up every day with the goal of educating your children. They do math drills and spelling exercises, grade papers and give lectures. When it comes to education, teachers are on the front lines, working to keep young minds sharp.

Coaches: If your children are involved in sports, they are learning valuable skills to use on and off the field or court. Coaches teach children how to best use their skills to help the team succeed. While their roles may be focused outside of the classroom, they work closely with teachers and school faculty, which allows them to be very involved in the academic performance of their athletes.
Tutors: Tutors provide the one-on-one attention your children need to get the most out of their years in school and reach their academic goals. Often the unsung academic heroes, tutors give their time so that children have a chance to learn more and perform at a higher level.
School Counselors: Teachers aren’t the only ones who are responsible for education. These days, school counselors are vital members of your child’s educational team. They help students in the areas of academic achievement, social development and career planning, which ensures that your child will become the educated and productive adult you envision him or her to be.
Family and Friends: This group can consist of a grandmother, brother, sister, aunt or even a close friend. Unlike the other individuals who help your children learn and grow, this group gives a little extra something, and that is love. This special blend of family and friends is there for your children in good times and bad times, which might be the most important job there is.
Show your appreciation and thanks to the people in your family’s village who are positively impacting your son or daughter. A handwritten thank you card or a phone call acknowledging their hard work are simple actions that have a large impact.
Who is someone in your village that helps shape your child into a productive, caring and independent individual?