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It’s Easy Being Green

Parents can set a good example for their children of how to protect the planet. By working together, you can help keep the planet clean and beautiful for years to come. After all, the condition of the planet today will impact the future of your children.

Teaching your children how to live a healthy, environmentally responsible life at a young age will increase their chances of continuing eco-friendly living habits as adults. Here are some helpful tips to implement with your family at home:

Recycle Sort

Preschoolers and children in early elementary grades can practice categorizing as they learn to sort items by plastic or paper at home. Make recycling materials a fun activity instead of a chore by using colorful bins for each item. Children earn points as they sort paper and plastic recyclables into the color-coded bins. Children can redeem their points for special treats like a movie night or a trip to a local children’s museum.

Seasonal Shopping

Teach your children to help the environment and their bodies by choosing seasonal fruits and vegetables for meals and snacks. Use this illustrated interactive map of seasonal foods to create a list of produce available during each season. While you shop, let your children carry their list and pick out which fruits and vegetables they want to eat that week. Use child-friendly language to remind your children that eating seasonal items saves resources needed to transport non-seasonal produce from other regions.

Water Conservation

Show young children the difference between water flowing at full-strength and half-strength from a faucet. Help your children learn how to turn on a pencil-size stream of water and show them how a smaller stream works for washing his hands and rinsing dishes.

As your children get older, teach them to turn off the water while they brush their teeth. Many people let the water run while they brush, which wastes water. Run the water to wet your tooth brush, and then brush with the water off.

Reusable Products

Older children can repurpose old products into usable items, saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. Show your children how to make school notebooks from their favorite cereal boxes. First, cut off the front or back of a cereal box. Next, place two cardboard cereal box pieces together, punch three holes along one side. Finally insert notebook paper inside and secure with three small, metal snap-rings.

As the world becomes increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of our actions, children want to know where they fit in. Get your children involved in the green movement and make it a project in which everyone can participate.