James, 10; Instructor, Yvonne Lee - Kumon

James, 10; Instructor, Yvonne Lee

10-year-old James has many accomplishments to celebrate. He was recently featured on USASwimmer.org as a member of America’s Swim Team. At a recent swim meet, he ranked second in his age category. In addition to being an avid swimmer, James is a successful Kumon Student, studying both math and reading material three years above his school grade level.


So how does he balance extracurricular activities with high academic standards?  It’s all about prioritizing, managing time efficiently and staying focused.  “I am learning to save time,” James says.  “If I go to the swimming pool early, I then go to the study room [at Aquajets Aquatic Center] to finish my homework.”

James enrolled in the Kumon Math and Reading Program at the Kumon Center in Medina just two years ago. In that short time he has managed to become one of the top students at his Kumon Center. His Instructor credits his success to his attention to detail, willingness to practice and a positive learning attitude. “He is hard working and always wants to try his best,” explains his Kumon Instructor, Yvonne.  As a 4th grader, he is already studying high school algebra in Kumon’s math program and high school level comprehension in the reading program.


“Studying Kumon material above grade level has helped me do well at school and in the Vision 21 Gifted & Talented Program [at school],” says James. When asked what his advice to other Kumon students is, he simply states “manage your time wisely and study hard.”


The commitment to excellence James has also translates to areas outside of the academic realm. While his long-term goal is to swim in the Olympics (like his favorite swimmer Michael Phelps), James also dreams of becoming a doctor when he grows up so as he states, “everybody lives longer and happier lives.”


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