Jason, Marcella, Zachary, Age 9; Mita Tomerlin, Instructor - Kumon

Jason, Marcella, Zachary, Age 9; Mita Tomerlin, Instructor

For this Kumon family, success comes in threes. Siblings Jason, Marcella and Zachary may all be the same age, but they each possess different learning abilities. Jason, who was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and Zachary, who is autistic, are both on their way to reaching their school grade level in the Kumon Program. Their sister Marcella has surpassed her grade level in Kumon and is now studying advanced math in the program.

Before enrolling their children in Kumon, Daniel Warner and Paul Sosenko along with the assistance of a nanny and tutor, struggled with various approaches to improve their children’s academic performance in school.  After hearing from other families who had success with the Kumon Program, they enrolled their children at a local Kumon Math and Reading Center in Florida. Mita Tomerlin, their Kumon instructor, worked with them and their children to develop an individualized learning plan for each child’s specific needs and goals. Learning at a level that best suited their abilities gave the siblings the confidence to set challenging yet achievable goals in the program.

The children share a strong desire to do well in school and they help motivate each other.  Marcella told us she and her siblings are usually the first ones to arrive at their Kumon center. For Marcella, her grades in school have improved as a result of her Kumon study. Jason says that Kumon has helped make his classwork easy. Zachary, after being in Kumon for several months, received praise from his teacher at school for being on task, catching up to his grade level in math and completing his class assignments without any prompting.

“There was an initial struggle to incorporate Kumon into their daily schedule, school work and activities which allow them to be well rounded,” says their dad Daniel. “It involves work, commitment and scheduling to make sure [the kids] did their work. Kumon provided the foundation they needed to be successful in school,” he continued. Jason, Zachary, and Marcella enjoy learning and doing things individually like swimming, tennis, fishing and golf. They also enjoy bonding during family vacations.

With their own dreams for the future, the siblings envision their success in life leading down different paths.  When Jason grows up he wants to be a pilot.  Marcella wants to manage a restaurant and Zachary wants to be a firefighter.  When asked about the Kumon Program and its aim to help all children advance beyond grade level through self-learning, their parents stated, “It makes school and homework much easier allowing them to develop individually as opposed to struggling with school work on a daily basis.  “Thank you Miss Mita and Kumon,” he concluded.