Jimmy, 17; Instructor, Dipali Nandi - Kumon

Jimmy, 17; Instructor, Dipali Nandi

Hard work pays off. Just ask 17-year-old Jimmy of El Monte, California. He was recently accepted into eight colleges and will attend Stanford University. More than 32,022 students applied for the 2010 fall class, and Jimmy was one of only 2,300 students admitted.

Jimmy completed the Kumon Math Program as a sophomore in high school, but it wasn’t easy. He considered quitting with only 50 pages left before the end of level O, the very last level in the program.

“When you have to do hard work, it’s not always enjoyable,” said Jimmy. “The day I almost quit, my Kumon Instructor, Dipali Nandi, told me that in 10 years I would look back and regret not completing the program. She was right; I don’t know where I would be if I quit.”

As a Kumon student, and then later as an employee at the Temple City Kumon Center, he built confidence, a strong work ethic and the motivation to succeed on his own. “The more effort you put into something, the more fruitful the result is, and I am thankful for my experience with Kumon; it has given me skills I will use throughout my life,” said Jimmy.

Jimmy has many different interests, including biology and engineering, but he is still deciding what to major in at Stanford.

“It is a blessing that I got into Stanford, and I look forward to the future,” said Jimmy.