Jocelyn, 17: Instructor Sharon Tung - Kumon

Jocelyn, 17: Instructor Sharon Tung

March 16, 2011 ~
Jocelyn joined Sharon Tung’s Kumon of Plano in Plano, Texas as a five-year-old. She never missed a day of Kumon, including Christmas. Twelve years later, the high school senior is taking advanced placement classes and has her pick of colleges. Jocelyn was recently selected as one of 15,000 finalists out of the 1.5 million entrants in the National Merit Scholarship competition.

“My hard work in Kumon has really paid off, as it made the math portion of the SAT easy for me and allowed me to earn a perfect score,” says Jocelyn. “As a result, I have been selected as a National Merit finalist and have received several full-ride scholarship offers from colleges.”

While it was difficult to complete her Kumon work each day, Jocelyn believes the skills she developed in Kumon gave her the confidence to try new challenges and the time management skills to reach her goals.

“It is only a little bit every day, and before you know it, you’ve mastered multiplication or algebra,” says Jacki, Jocelyn’s mother. “Learning to break tasks down into small assignments is an essential skill for school and life.”

When Jocelyn read the word “zoo” off her sister’s shirt at age three, Jacki decided she needed to nurture that enthusiasm for learning and enrolled her daughter in Kumon two years later. After seeing how Jocelyn blossomed in Kumon, she enrolled sister Julia as well. Both girls have enjoyed school without struggling, and they have become role models for their peers by tutoring other students.

“Jocelyn and her sister were excellent students, and their parents were very committed to helping them with their daily study,” says instructor Sharon Tung. “They are a perfect example of Kumon families working together to achieve success.”

Jocelyn also works as an assistant at Kumon of Plano, where she continues to share her experience with other students and inspire them to achieve advanced study on their own. Outside of Kumon and school, Jocelyn enjoys playing piano and refereeing volleyball games. Jocelyn also teaches and practices taekwondo, in which she is a black belt. She plans to major in biomedical engineering and is looking forward to being involved in nanotechnology research in college. One day, Jocelyn hopes to become an orthopedic surgeon.