Jonathan, 18; Instructor, Kimiko Kotani - Kumon

Jonathan, 18; Instructor, Kimiko Kotani

Jonathan, 18, of Middletown, Maryland is a role model to all of the students at the Kumon Center of Frederick where he not only completed both the math and reading programs, but worked as an assistant. He achieved program completion his senior year; and also earned several honors for academics and athletics. His success in Kumon, school, and soccer is a testament to his hard work and perseverance.

To Jonathan, the value of completing the program went beyond mastering math and reading skills. “The most valuable part of my Kumon experience was the work ethic it instilled that I will carry with me the rest of my life,” said Jonathan. “I was able to work more independently, and advance in school to levels I never thought I would be taking. I hope to encourage other students to stay motivated and complete the program.”
Jonathan created a routine of completing his Kumon worksheets when he got home every day in addition to his school work and extra-curricular activities. The work and study skills Jonathan has used in Kumon have carried over to other parts of his life as well. He passed the AP math test earning him college credits.  Jonathan was also awarded the E. Cecil Keller award, an award given to a senior on the soccer team based on attitude and work performance. Jonathan’s coach, Robert Sheffler, felt that he demonstrated the spirit, desire to improve and the unselfishness needed to make Middleton High School soccer a symbol of excellence.
“Jonathan has matured as a student and a person and has gained diligent work habits,” says Kimiko Kotani, Kumon of Frederick Director. Kimiko opened her center in 1996 and has worked with Jonathan since 2004 to reach his goal of graduating from the math and reading programs.
In addition to Kumon, Jonathan has played soccer most of his life and run indoor track for two years.  Jonathan currently attends Abilene Christian University and is studying criminal justice.