Joyce, 13: Instructor Terri Kirwan - Kumon

Joyce, 13: Instructor Terri Kirwan

September 29, 2010 ~
Stories have the power to stir a child’s imagination. Joyce, a 13-year-old student in the reading program at the Glen Erin Kumon Center in Mississauga, believes the act of reading educates and stirs a reader’s imagination to new heights.

“I really enjoyed reading the Matilda series. The ideas and schemes Matilda got caught up in inspired me to be creative in my own life,” said Joyce.

Joyce enrolled in Kumon to advance her reading skills. According to Joyce, “Kumon is a hobby that pushes her boundaries.”

Under the guidance of Kumon Instructor Terri Kirwan, Joyce continues to excel in the program and is at Level J.  “It’s such a pleasure working with Joyce,” said Ms. Kirwan. “Watching her succeed and grow as a student and person drives home the real benefits a love of reading offers children.”

“English is now my favorite course,” said Joyce. “The materials represent the challenges I look forward to each and every day.”

Joyce has even taken her love of writing to a new level with her blog. She first writes a story and then uses the characters in her story to post new blog messages. The characters interact with online visitors, generating even more interest in her stories. “My blog is my way of sharing my love of reading with others,” said Joyce.  Joyce’s stories can be found posted on

When she isn’t writing new stories for the enjoyment of her blog followers, Joyce swims, plays tennis, practices karate and plays the piano. She most enjoys learning about the creative expression of the great composers like Mozart and Beethoven.