Julia, 16, Instructor: Charlotte Immenschuh - Kumon

Julia, 16, Instructor: Charlotte Immenschuh

September 6, 2011 ~
Julia has faced a number of challenges in her academic career. As an elementary school student, she was passed from school to school within her district, and she was having trouble learning. Her mother was frustrated and decided to try Kumon.
“By the time she reached middle school, she was still at a second grade level,” said Julia’s mom, Celestina. “At age 13, she was diagnosed with Asperger [syndrome].
Celestina went to Charlotte Immenschuh at the Kumon Center of Alamo Heights, Texas, and she began working with Julia to increase her academic confidence as she started working at her own pace.
“It has helped me understand more of my classwork and made me not shy to answer any questions in class,” said Julia. “Ms. Charlotte is very patient with me when I get discouraged with my work.”
Julia’s now a junior in high school, and she’s working at grade level. She’s at a charter school with a supportive staff that works with Kumon to give Julia the curriculum she needs to succeed.
Julia wants to be a graphic designer, and Celestina knows that the supportive staff at Kumon and Julia’s school made that possible.
“Julia has bloomed into a wonderful young lady,” said Celestina. “She has a long road ahead, but I know she can do it.”