Karina, 14; Instructor, Millet Calleja - Kumon

Karina, 14; Instructor, Millet Calleja

The independent learning spirit Karina, 14, gained through Kumon has given her opportunities far beyond the expectations of most high school freshmen. Not only does Karina study honors courses and participate in extracurricular activities, such as playing tennis, basketball, dance and choir and working as a Kumon Assistant, but she was also recently nominated for the National Youth Leadership Council, a service learning opportunity that links youth, educators and communities across the country.
Since she started at Kumon of North Burbank more than seven years ago, Karina, a Reading Program Completer and a Level N Math Student, has received many honors. In kindergarten, she was acknowledged by the superintendent for mastering the math district test. In elementary school, she was recognized as a student-of-the-month, as well as a gifted and talented student and a recipient of the Presidential Gold Award. In middle school, Karina earned high school credits through her acceptance into the advanced studies program. In high school, Karina was chosen to be a student representative to help her peers get into college.
“Kumon, from the start, has been our energizer battery; it keeps going and going to reach her full potential,” says Karina’s mother, Rowena. “Kumon has been our road to success, and it never ends… Kumon has instilled more than math and reading in my daughter’s life; it also instilled this wonderful value that if you try your best, you’ll get somewhere.”
“I tell her to try to be the best that she can be in her life and to always remember and understand that all the hard work and time she has put into her Kumon worksheets all these years pays off,” said Kumon of North Burbank Instructor, Millet Calleja. “With the continued support of her mom, Rowena, Karina will be sure to complete the Math program, too.”
Karina’s next big life goal is to attend college and eventually receive a Ph.D. in marine biology to help endangered animals.
These aims may seem high for a young girl, but Karina has charged up her battery at Kumon, and she is motivated to persevere to meet her goals.
Karina says, “Kumon taught me if I believe, I’ll succeed.”