Karina,13; Kayla,11: Instructor Millet Calleja - Kumon

Karina,13; Kayla,11: Instructor Millet Calleja

California sisters Karina, 13, and Kayla, 11, are already receiving college credit because of their advanced study and have each received the presidential gold medal. It’s all because of Kumon and the guidance of their instructor Millet Calleja at the North Burbank Center in California, according to their mom, Rowena.

“If I could stand on a mountaintop and scream out loud how wonderful Kumon is, I would,” said Rowena. “Kumon is the energizer battery in our lives. It has truly unlocked their full potential.”

Karina is taking advanced classes at school. She has completed the reading program and is currently working to complete the math program. Besides school and Kumon, Karina is an athlete, actress and singer who won tickets to a Cheetah Girls concert during a Radio Disney singing contest.

“I am excited about my future because the knowledge and skills I have developed in Kumon taught me that the possibilities are endless,” said Karina.

Kayla was never interested in reading before Kumon. Now she will be completing the reading program by the end of 2010. Teachers have even requested Kayla to be in their classes because of her drive and dedication to her school work. Outside of school and Kumon, Kayla plays basketball and recently attended science and soccer camps.

“Kumon has helped me succeed and understand that I can get into the college and pursue the career of my choice,” said Kayla.

Both girls already have plans for their future which include going to rival universities USC and UCLA. Kayla plans to major in medicine and Karina would like to major in marine biology.

“I don’t think my kids would be where they are without the drive and self confidence that they developed in Kumon,” said Rowena.