Kayla, 5: Instructor Jyotika Patel - Kumon

Kayla, 5: Instructor Jyotika Patel

February 16, 2011 ~

Five-year old Kayla, a Junior Kumon student in Mooresville, N. C., already understands the value of giving back. This busy kindergartener makes time each week to read her favorite books to residents at a local assisted-living home. The time Kayla spends volunteering as a reader provides joy to herself and the residents.
Kayla’s parents enrolled her in Junior Kumon when she was 3 1/2 years old because of her quick ability and willingness to learn. Her Kumon Instructor, Jyotika Patel, was immediately impressed by Kayla’s focus and enthusiasm, especially for letters and words.  Kayla started reading at 4 years old, shortly after enrolling in Kumon, and quickly found her favorite book ,”Elf on the Shelf.”  She started kindergarten this fall and is already studying reading and math more than two years above her grade level.
“We wanted to ensure she had the opportunities to learn at an appropriate level to match her skills and abilities,” said Kayla’s mother, Sue, who saw volunteering as a way to teacher her daughter about the importance of helping others. “Kumon has given Kayla the opportunity to learn material above her grade level.”
In addition to volunteering and Kumon, Kayla enjoys outdoor activities and swimming, horseback riding and taekwondo. Thanks to Kumon, Kayla is an avid reader of chapter books. She is currently reading The Wizard of Oz.
“I like reading,” said Kayla who is already a leader among her peers. “I read to other students in my classroom and help with their projects.”
Kayla loves animals and hopes to become a veterinarian when she grows up.