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Keeping Your Children Motivated to Learn

Many parents find it challenging to motivate their children to focus on their studies at the start of the new school year. The shift can be even more difficult as children spend their first few weeks back in school re-learning concepts studied at the end of the previous school year because of the effects of summer learning loss. As a result, some parents are left wondering how they can keep their children motivated to learn. Here are some techniques to help your children stay motivated:

  1. Set clear progress goals.

Setting goals can help motivate and encourage students to excel. Framing a student’s progress and any feedback in terms of specific goals can help motivate the student to improve and develop his or her abilities.

With the start of school nearing, you can implement this technique at home by setting aside time to map out your children’s scholastic goals, like making the honor roll this year. Start by assessing your children’s academic abilities from the previous school year to establish goals for the upcoming school year. When doing so, make sure to set progress markers to help children visualize if they are on track to meet their long-term or end of the school year goals.

The Kumon Program employs similar assessment and progress management techniques. Kumon students are given placement tests to determine their appropriate starting point in the program. Once completed, Instructors use the results to customize a lesson plan for each student with a clear progress goal to help the student study material above grade level.


  1. Encourage active learning.

Learning is a hands-on experience. That means that children must take an active role in developing their academic ability. By actively engaging and participating in their learning, students can truly feel more excited and motivated to learn.


A focus on independent learning is a core belief of the Kumon Program. Since each Kumon worksheet is specifically designed to promote independent learning, students are able to take active roles in the learning progress. As a result, students become involved with their studies and learn to apply those skills in other areas of their lives.

To learn more about how the Kumon Program can motivate your children to learn, reach out to your local Kumon Center.