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Keshav, 16: Patricia Tse, Instructor


“Love all, serve all” is the guiding principle that led Keshav towards community service at the young age of 12. He and his family prepare and serve meals for the homeless in Ottowa, Ontario. Volunteering gives Keshav an amazing feeling of social connectedness which inspires him to make sure that everyone around him has a better life. His small, simple action of providing food for the homeless is simply the beginning of a grander plan he has in mind to improve the lives of others. The moment he understood the role of a doctor is when Keshav decided to pursue a career in medicine and has plans to be a neurosurgeon.

Keshav has been a Kumon student since the start of elementary school and is well on his way to completing the Kumon Math Program.Ask him what he has learned at Kumon and you’ll get a not so typical answer. “It has taught me the importance of discipline and focus, that perseverance is one of the noblest human qualities ever, that everything isn’t always so complicated and everything has an answer,” says Keshav.

Keshav is at ease in his school classroom and preparing for exams does not stress him out. He confidently prepares for national level exams knowing that he can score high. He’s a member of the biomedical club and he volunteers at a hospital in addition to the homeless service center. He’s also on his school’s student council and business club. When Keshav is not focusing on academics or community service, he winds down his active schedule with badminton, swimming and sitting down with a good book.

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