Kevin, 13; Instructor, Tina Zamani - Kumon

Kevin, 13; Instructor, Tina Zamani

Kevin’s goal in life is to grow up to be an engineer like his dad, and he knows how to work hard to get there.

Yet this 13-year-old still wanted to quit Kumon when his work started to get hard. His goal has always been to complete the Kumon Math and Reading Programs; however, when the work became really tough, it was hard to keep going. He was convinced to stay due to the support of his family and his instructor, Tina Zamani.

“It got really complicated, especially doing both programs,” said Kevin. “I didn’t think I could keep going, even though I know it has helped me in school. Tina encouraged me to keep going, and I’m so glad I have.”

Kevin is now a reading program completer and well on his way to completing the math program. In addition to his Kumon work, he is also a member of the chess club and plays sports such as baseball.

Kevin’s parents have motivated him continually along the way. His mom corrects his work, which he does with dedication every day along with other homework. As he moves into the eighth grade this year, he wants to tell other kids, “Never give up even when the work is hard or you feel you can’t keep going.” This is Kevin’s motto and a great maxim to live by.