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Kicking Off Kumon in the New Year

Life is hectic. With countless activities, it’s difficult for children to stick to a productive and daily homework schedule. When used correctly, the Kumon Method, can help children develop self-discipline, organizational skills, and perseverance— a set of skills that can lead to success inside and outside of the classroom.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to improve study habits at home. Try these tips to help your children get into a daily homework routine. New habits take time to establish, so be patient. Studies show it typically takes 21 to 30 days to form a new habit, but each person is different.  Don’t get frustrated. Creating strong study skills will take time.

1. Stick to a schedule. Make sure your children complete their Kumon work every day—even on weekends and holidays. Set a specific time for them to complete their work each day. This is an essential step towards success at Kumon.

2. Create a Kumon work space. Let your children choose an area that has comfortable furniture, good lighting, and plenty of room to write. Supply this area with pencils, erasers, and a clock for them to keep track of their work time. Ensure the area remains quiet and free of distracting activity.

3. Model doing Kumon Worksheets at home. Show your children the proper posture and focus to maintain while working. Sit down in your child’s seat with your feet on the floor and your non-dominant hand at the edge of the paper to keep it steady. Focus on the work, and show enthusiasm for studying to connect positive feelings to learning.

4. Start studying the worksheets within 30 seconds of sitting down. Have your children write down their name, date, start time, and begin working on their first page within 30 seconds. Help them if needed. Once the writing starts, the brain begins working.

Use these helpful tips to form a positive Kumon experience for the entire family. Kumon gets easier once a daily routine is established. Starting this habit is the most-challenging part.