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Kumon Blogger of the Month – 5 Minutes for Mom

August 16, 2011 ~
Each month for the rest of the year, Kumon will feature one blog that we feel provides a valuable and interesting resource for parents. This month, we are excited to recognize 5 Minutes for Mom as our August Kumon Blogger of the Month.
The brainchild of sisters Susan Carraretto and Janice Croze, 5 Minutes for Mom is an oasis for mom bloggers, giving them a community where they can encourage, support and learn from one another as they work to raise healthy, happy families.
Susan took the time to talk to us on behalf of 5 Minutes for Mom and explained why mom blogs are so important.
Tell me about yourself – family, interests, etc.
I’m Susan Carraretto, and my sister is Janice Croze. We are identical twin sisters and professional bloggers, social media enthusiasts and online toy store owners. We each have two children and live crazy busy, but fabulous, lives.
Why did you start the blog?
Before motherhood, I was a software developer working long hours, and Janice was a youth worker often working evenings and weekends. We both wanted to have control of our schedules and, most importantly, we wanted to use our talents in a business we owned.
So in 2005, Janice and I, along with our mom, Joan Winter, began our online business. We started two online stores, http://www.PedalCarsAndRetro.com and http://www.A-Rocking-Horse-To-Love.com.
In March 2006, we created http://www.5MinutesforMom.com to help promote and support work-at-home mothers like ourselves. We also wanted to get a few links back to our stores. We couldn’t believe how fast it took off and how busy it has kept us.
What’s your inspiration to continue blogging?
Janice and I are inspired to build a thriving business to support our families, model business skills and entrepreneurship to our children and to be a part of the online business and blogging community.
Blogging has always been a business venture for us, and we value both the business and personal enjoyment of blogging.
What has been the reception to 5 Minutes for Mom?
We’ve been blessed by a wonderful audience and readers who love what 5 Minutes for Mom is about. We always look for ways to build up the online mom community, and we feel our audience appreciates that.
What do you hope to communicate through the blog?
We sincerely want to inspire, encourage and empower women. We believe in the power of a supporting community.
If someone only looked at 5 Minutes for Mom once, what would you want their first impression to be?
I’d like a first-time reader who looked at 5 Minutes for Mom to quickly realize that mom bloggers are a talented group who work together and support each other while having fun and building successful businesses.
What would you want them to take away from your blog?
I hope our readers learn, find new resources, make personal connections, get inspired and enjoy a few minutes to themselves.