Kumon Blogger of the Month - Classy Chaos - Kumon

Kumon Blogger of the Month – Classy Chaos

June 3, 2011 ~

Each month for the rest of the year, Kumon will feature one blog that we feel provides a valuable and interesting resource for parents. This month, we are excited to recognize Classy Chaos as our June Kumon Blogger of the Month.
The creation of Pauline Karwowski, a globe-trotting, minivan-driving resource for parental tips and advice, Classy Chaos provides an honest, humorous and insightful glimpse into the parenting world.
Pauline was kind enough to speak with us about her blog and her desire to continue assisting moms everywhere!
Tell me about yourself – family, interests, etc.
I was born in Poland and immigrated to the United States at age five. I have three children and a husband who enjoy traveling locally and abroad as much as possible. We love to explore the world around us and learn together as a family.
Why did you start the blog?
I started the blog initially to stay in touch with family living all over the world. I found myself retelling the same story a number of times over the phone to our extended family, and my younger brother suggested I start an online journal to document our adventures.
What’s your inspiration to continue blogging?
My inspiration comes from my readers. There's something heartwarming about receiving an email from someone across the country admitting that they laughed along with what I had written or were touched by a certain story.
What has been the reception to Classy Chaos?
From college girls reading along to get a peek of “real life” as a parent to grandmothers reading and remembering their days with young children, the reception has been far greater than I could have ever imagined. I'm always amazed at the wide range of people who follow the blog and learn so much from them along the way.
What do you hope to communicate through the blog?
That parenting is sometimes chaotic and remaining “classy” (calm and collected) throughout it irons out the stubborn wrinkles, allowing parents to enjoy their greatest gifts.
If someone only looked at the Classy Chaos once, what would you want his or her first impression to be?
I would hope that peoples' first impressions were that I am the girl next door, the one who airs out her laundry and strikes up a conversation.
What would you want them to take away from your blog?
Live, love and laugh.
Do you have any personal connection or experience with Kumon?
My personal connection to Kumon is helping my two children with their daily Kumon assignments and creating hand-written worksheets for my three-year-old who wishes she too were involved.
Check out Pauline’s Kumon experience by visiting http://www.classychaos.com/links-topmenu-20/685-allaboutkumon.