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Kumon Blogger of the Month – Mommy Poppins

September 27, 2011 ~

Each month for the rest of the year, Kumon will feature one blog that we feel provides a valuable and interesting resource for parents. This month, we are excited to recognize Mommy Poppins as our September Kumon Blogger of the Month.
Founded and edited by Anna Fader, Mommy Poppins shares inexpensive, family-friendly and educational opportunities with moms who live in (or are visiting) New York City. Mommy Poppins has recently expanded to New Jersey, Long Island, Boston, Connecticut and Las Angeles. The blog embraces creative ways for families on a budget to experience all the social and cultural events New York has to offer.
Anna took the time to talk to us on behalf of Mommy Poppins and explained why free experiences can be the most enriching ones.
Tell me about yourself — family, interests, etc.
I grew up in NYC. Back then people didn’t worry if things were “kid-friendly.” My parents took us to museums and avant garde performances and other grown-up stuff. Today I live with my husband and two children, and we try to experience the whole city as our playground and classroom rolled up into one.
Why did you start the blog?
I wanted to share what I think is cool about living with kids in NYC. To me, it’s not about being rich and fabulous; in fact, I think most of the best things in New York are free or inexpensive. We have these amazing arts and educational experiences that are right outside our doors. I like the idea of using the city as a classroom and want to share ideas for enriching experiences that create amazing memories and build a sense of community.
What’s your inspiration to continue blogging?
Mommy Poppins is always changing. I love to think of new angles — different ways we can present the city to people, new features and things to share. This year I also started PoppinsPerks.com, which is a daily deals site that donates 10% of its gross proceeds to NYC public schools. In September we are starting up Mommy Poppins in Los Angeles, Boston and Orlando.
What has been the reception to Mommy Poppins?
Our readers are really important to us. Reader email and suggestions really influence the type of content that we provide — we are always responding and adjusting to what readers tell us they want.
What do you hope to communicate through the blog?
Mommy Poppins is read by many different people for many different reasons, so I think different groups are getting different things out of it, but I hope that we give people a fresh way of looking at NYC and life in NYC with kids.
If someone only looked at Mommy Poppins once, what would you want their first impression to be?
“How did I not know about this!”
What would you want them to take away from your blog?
I hope that people find information that leads them to do something that adds value to their lives — enriching and memorable experiences, not just things to do.
The majority of children go back to school in August and September; how does your family prepare a return to school?
We prepare for back-to-school with haircuts and new shoes, and I always like to get organized. For a few weeks, at least, I’m all about planning menus and healthy lunches.
What’s your favorite school memory?
My favorite back-to-school memory from childhood is definitely new school supplies. I love the way they smell.
We’ve got a study tips sweepstakes that begins September 12. What’s one study tip you would like to share with the Kumon community?
My best study tip was always just paying attention in class.
Do you have any personal connection or experience with Kumon?
We have so many friends who do Kumon, and I have seen how much it can help support them in their schoolwork. I think the discipline of sitting down to do Kumon work is great and helps parents get involved in their child’s academics.