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Kumon Blogger of the Month – The Fashionable Bambino

May 9, 2011 ~

Each month for the rest of the year, Kumon will feature one blog that we feel provides a valuable and interesting resource for parents, and this month, we are excited to recognize the bloggers of the Fashionable Bambino as our May Kumon Bloggers of the Month.
The brainchild of Sarah-Jean Ballard and Theresa Gould, The Fashionable Bambino reaches out to new and experienced mothers with advice and tips on parenting, child and mother-friendly product reviews and other fun suggestions.
Sarah was kind enough to speak with us about her blog and her desire to continue assisting moms everywhere!
Tell our readers a little about yourself.
“I am married and will celebrate my seventh wedding anniversary this August. We have two wonderful children, a daughter who is almost four years old and a son who just turned seven months old. I work from home running Fashionable Media and keeping all of our blogs on the cutting edge bringing women of all ages the information they want and need.”
How many individuals comprise the Fashionable Bambino?
“We currently have a fantastic managing editor who has eight children and still finds time to dish up incredible advice, helpful tips and tons of info on all the best new products. We also have a couple other fabulous contributors that help out from time to time.”
Why did you start the blog?
“I started the blog in 2007 after giving birth to my first child. Being “The Fashionable Housewife” it was important for me to have fashionable clothes for my little girl! So I wanted to create a blog that would feature only fashionable, trendy and stylish baby clothes. I also thought it was really important to help new moms find the best products for their new ventures in life. It can be a daunting task having a new baby and sifting through the millions of products that are out there. So we take time to review and test as many baby related items and products as possible to help give women personal recommendations on good quality products that are worth buying.”
What’s your inspiration to continue blogging?
“It warms my heart so much whenever I get an email from a reader that wants to express their appreciation for everything I do. That makes it all worth it!”
What has been the reception to the Fashionable Bambino?
“We have had an amazing response to The Fashionable Bambino! New moms and experienced moms alike love the advice, cute clothes and great product recommendations they can truly trust, all in one place!”
What do you hope to communicate through the blog?
“Encouragement, simplicity, trustworthy advice, caring and compassion and dependability.”
If someone only looked at the Fashionable Bambino once, what would you want their first impression to be?
“I would hope that no one would only come to the blog once! My hope would be that if a mom of any age were to visit TFB, that they would immediately see everything we have to offer and think of us as a trustworthy resource that they could bookmark and keep coming back to any time they had a question about a new product or were looking for something in particular for their family.”
Learn more about Sarah and the Fashionable Bambino by visiting: www.thefashionablebambino.com.