Kumon Instructors: Small Business Owners, Franchisees, Educators

Kumon Instructors: Small Business Owners, Franchisees, Educators

Laisa observes students at her center

Kumon Instructors are small business owners who work to share their appreciation of education with their communities. While they come from different backgrounds and were introduced to Kumon in varying ways, they all share a desire to help children. Meet some of these incredible franchisees.


Jennifer at her Kumon Center

Jennifer Ju – Kumon Math and Reading Center of Edison – North

A former Kumon Student herself, Jennifer left a career in civil engineering to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a Kumon Instructor.




Alex standing against aAlex Tang – Kumon Math and Reading Center of San Mateo – Hillsborough

After spending seven years working as an environmental scientist, Alex decided to return to his Kumon roots and become an Instructor in his hometown. As a second-generation Kumon Instructor and former Kumon Student himself, he relished the opportunity to give back to his community.



Laisa stands in front of the glass door leading to her Kumon Center Laisa Mathissen – Kumon Math and Reading Center of Fairfield – Downtown

Like our first two Instructors, Laisa’s introduction to Kumon was as a student. Except Laisa’s childhood center was almost 5,000 miles away from the center she owns now—in her hometown of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Laisa’s travels took her to London, where she studied economics, before she eventually settled in Connecticut. She was re-introduced to the program as a Kumon Mom when her stepchildren enrolled, and ultimately decided to become an Instructor herself.


Ann Quigley – Kumon Math and Reading Center of KirkwoodAnn stands in front of her Kumon Center

Ann spent 12 years working as a middle school and high school teacher before becoming a stay-at-home mom. Wanting a career that kept her connected to education, she decided to become a Kumon Instructor.  Twenty-five years later, she still finds enjoyment in seeing her students grow and improve.



Jason and Rico stand in front of a brick wall with their blue and red hairJason and Rico Au – Kumon Math and Reading Centre of Calgary – South and Kumon Math and Reading Center of Calgary – Castleridge

Jason and Rico have been involved with Kumon for much of their lives—first as students, then as center assistants, and now as Kumon Instructors.  Although the brothers began their careers on different paths, with Jason working in marketing and Rico spending eight years as an elementary school teacher, they jumped at the chance to purchase their childhood center.  They now operate two centers and work hard to motivate their students, whatever it takes.


Sherman stands in front of worksheet shelves in his center

Sherman Liu – Kumon Math and Reading Center of Nutley

Sherman was introduced to Kumon over twenty years ago when he saw his nieces completing worksheets at their kitchen counter. Amazed at how quickly they were solving complicated work, he enrolled his own son in the program. When the time was right, he left his career as a network systems engineer and bought the center his son attended. He now works closely with his wife Margaret to run the center and help other children see the benefits that his own son and nieces enjoyed.


Lillian Brijeski – Kumon Math and Reading Center of TarrytownLillian stands in front of her center

Like many Kumon Instructors, Lillian came to the program with a background in education. She spent twelve years as an elementary school teacher, but wanted a change. A Kumon Mom herself, she wanted to give other children the same opportunity to develop their abilities that her own kids had. She celebrated six years as a Kumon Instructor this July, and looks forward to many years to come.


Laura stands in a striped shirt in front of a treeLaura Bubbico – Kumon Math and Reading Center of Fairfield

Laura’s favorite part of being a Kumon Instructor is the moment when she can see a student believe in their own abilities. A former schoolteacher, she learned about Kumon when her daughter worked as an assistant at a local center. She decided to open her own center, and has spent the past twelve years working to change the lives of students in her community.


Rudi stands in front of his classroomRudi Hwang – Kumon Math and Reading Centre of Toronto – Chinatown

Rudi is no stranger to the Kumon Program. His mom is celebrating her 26th anniversary as a Kumon Instructor this year, and Rudi spent ten years working as an assistant at her center. He also has an impressive history as a Kumon Student—having completed the entire math program as a child. This experience has proved invaluable as he’s developed as an Instructor over the past five years.


Grace poses in front of a cherry blossom treeGrace Sim – Kumon Math and Reading Center of John’s Creek – North

Grace knew when she and her family settled in the Atlanta area over 20 years ago that she wanted to help her community. She did just that, serving as the director of the youth ministry at her husband’s church.  She was introduced to Kumon when visiting her family in New York, and enrolled her children in the program. Surprised to learn there was no Kumon in her own community, she decided to open her own center. Now, almost twenty years later, she is proud to continue making a difference in her students’ lives.