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Kumon Math Program: Seven Days of Kumon

Kumon Math Program

Kumon helps your child at every step of their academics. Whether they are learning to count or solving high school math problems, Kumon is here to continue expanding their math skills and knowledge. Our program is designed to help students gain independence and develop their self-learning skills, to help them excel proficiently beyond academics.

Below are resources to help you learn more about the Kumon Math Program, how it differs from school math, and how it will help your child grow their love for learning.

What Will Your Kids Learn In The Kumon Math Program?

Watch this quick video that unpacks everything you need to know about our Kumon Math Program, including how it works and what math topics are covered.

How is Kumon Different from School Math?

Boy stands in front of blackboard with a magnifying glass

Kumon helps students develop a strong base in math skills before applying them in real-life situations. Discover how Kumon stands apart and what makes it the perfect supplement to school math.

Inspiring a Love of Math in Your Children

Sophia completing math work

Explore how you can help your children realize the role that math plays in our daily lives. With this insight, they may be able to alleviate their math anxiety and instead spark their love of learning.

4 Easy Ways to Add Math to Your Early Learner’s Daily Routine

Math is everywhere! That is why it is important to help your child start learning the basics at a young age to prepare them for the future. Here are four ways to add math to your early learner’s daily routine.

How Kumon’s Math Curriculum Supports Your Child’s Learning at Every Level

Learn how Kumon’s time-tested curriculum works alongside your kid’s learning from preschool through high school.

Preschool | Elementary School | Middle School | High School

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