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Kumon & Music: Teaching Skills for a Lifetime

Music and Kumon have very similar effects on children because they both cultivate skills children continue to use throughout their lives. Exposure to music and studying Kumon offer many benefits to children’s brains, promoting language acquisition, listening skills, memory enhancement and motor skills.

The following are skills children develop both through completing Kumon Worksheets and learning to play a musical instrument:

  • Concentration 
    Learning a musical instrument and completing a set of Kumon Worksheets both help children develop concentration because they must focus on a particular activity over an extended period of time. Developing concentration in this way also helps children learn to focus their attention on multiple subjects at school.
  • Coordination 
    Practicing musical instruments improves hand-eye coordination. Children develop important motor skills when playing music, just as they do when playing different sports. The same can be said about completing Kumon Worksheets. Children’s motor skills are strengthened as they practice writing numbers and letters.
  • Patience and Perseverance
    In order to learn a musical instrument, children must develop patience and perseverance, which helps them tackle different challenges later in life. These future challenges may vary from writing and re-writing college essays to completing a triathlon. At Kumon, the same philosophy is instilled. Children are challenged to become self-learners, which require determination and endurance.
  • Self-Confidence
    The accomplishment of learning to play a song on an instrument is similar to the success of completing a set of Kumon Worksheets. Successfully completing a challenge brings a sense of achievement that empowers children to take on the next one. Additionally, the encouragement of a dedicated music teacher or Kumon Instructor and the enthusiasm of a proud parent, builds a sense of pride and confidence in children.

Both music and Kumon share similar core values. Children who begin these activities at an early age have the opportunity to develop and strengthen their skills over time. Encourage your children to practice playing a musical instrument and continue working diligently on their Kumon Worksheets. The benefits of both activities pay off in the long run by putting children on the path to becoming confident, independent, self-reliant individuals parents hope their children can become.