Kumon Program Completer Earns Perfect SAT Math Score as a 7th Grader

Kumon Program Completer Earns Perfect SAT Math Score as a 7th Grader

Harita hiking the Skagway Glacier in Alaska

Harita, 14, a Math and Reading Program Completer, hiking the Skagway Glacier in Alaska

At 14 years old, Harita loves to be challenged. Whether she’s on adventurous vacations with her family, practicing the violin or playing volleyball, she loves to be tested both mentally and physically. That’s a big reason why she decided to take the SAT as a 7th grader. It’s also why she’s currently studying the elective Level X after completing the standard Kumon Math Program.

Harita tells us how she discovered a love for learning new topics with Kumon and how that positively impacted her SAT scores.

What does it mean to be a Kumon Program Completer, and what was your biggest obstacle?

To me, being a Kumon Program Completer shows that all of my hard work and dedication paid off. The biggest obstacle that I overcame was remembering all of the different math formulas. I personally decided to create a book of formulas that I could consistently review and study.


Why did you decide to complete Level X of the Kumon Math Program?

I have a burning passion for math, so it was a natural tendency for me to want to continue learning. Not only this, but Level X enabled me to go beyond my boundaries into a world of math that I had never imagined.

Harita in the cityWhat was your initial reaction when you saw the perfect 800 SAT math score?

When I saw that I received a perfect 800 on the math portion of the SAT as a 7th grader, I was both amazed and astonished. I knew that this success was only possible because of Kumon and my family’s support.

Why did you decide to take the SAT as a 7th grader?

The main reason why I decided to take the SAT as a 7th grader was because I wanted to experience what it was like to take the real SAT before I would need to take it again as a junior. I wanted to feel comfortable and prepared with the format. I also love to be challenged, and I knew that the test would push me out of my comfort zone.

How has Kumon impacted your academics?

Kumon has helped me develop a better understanding of topics learned at school, but because of Kumon, I have also developed better study habits, resulting in better grades. Kumon has taught me that you can achieve anything if you put your heart and mind into it.

What advice would you give to kids just starting Kumon?

The biggest piece of advice that I have for students is to trust in the process of Kumon. Anyone can become successful and pursue their dreams if they are willing to work hard and put their heart into the process.

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