Kumon Reading Program: Seven Days of Kumon - Kumon

Kumon Reading Program: Seven Days of Kumon

Kumon Reading Program - 7 Days of Kumon

The Kumon Reading Program helps strengthen your kids’ reading skills. Your child will advance from letter sounds, to fairy tales, to Shakespeare. We offer individualized instruction that is carefully planned by an Instructor, to help students reach their next academic level, and beyond. Our program is designed to help your child develop time management and self-learning skills, while instilling a lifelong love for reading.

Below are resources to help you learn more about the Kumon Reading Program, various components of our program and its benefits.

What Will Your Kids Learn in The Kumon Reading Program?

Watch this quick video to discover everything you need to know about the Kumon Reading Program.

What Skills Does Your Child Need to Develop Before Learning to Read?

Discover how Kumon can help your child develop these six key pre-reading skills to become proficient readers.

What is the Kumon Recommended Reading List and Why Is It Important?

Learn more about the Kumon Recommended Reading List (RRL) and how it helps develop a lifelong love for reading.

How Kumon Can Help A Good Reader Become A Good Writer

How Kumon Helps

Explore three ways the Kumon Reading Program can help your child become a stronger reader and writer.

How Kumon’s Reading Curriculum Supports Your Child’s Learning at Every Level

Learn more about how Kumon’s time-tested curriculum works alongside your kid’s learning from preschool through high school.

Preschool | Elementary School | Middle School | High School

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