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Kumon Student Aspires to Apply His Math Skills As An Aerospace Engineer

Kristian, 11-years-old, Math Level J

11-year-old Kristian’s love of math has inspired him to one day become an aerospace engineer. From watching SpaceX launches to learning more about the science behind jets, he loves everything to do with space. One of his favorite “trophies” is the NASA Apollo Saturn V LEGO rocket he precisely pieced together. In the future, he is looking forward to achieving his goal of building rockets at the Kennedy Space Center.

Kristian’s parents enrolled him in the Kumon Math Program when he was about five years old which sparked his love of solving math problems on his own at a young age.

“I really enjoy how Kumon makes solving math like a puzzle. I analyze the problem and think about patterns and older concepts that I’ve learned to figure out how to solve the problem,” said Kristian.  “I like that it’s made me more independent too because I do the math problems by myself.”

In 2018, Kristian placed second in the state of Florida for the Noetic Math Competition and made it onto the Noetic Math National Honor Roll. This year, Kristian said “I am most proud of my intelligence and success in math, especially completing and testing out of my entire class textbook midway through the school year.”

He also takes his problem-solving skills outside of his academics by applying them to music and sports.

“I started playing tennis later than most of my friends, but I knew that if I kept practicing every day and with the right fundamentals, I would get better and even catch up. Kumon is all about repetition and building on the skills that you have learned before, and I have applied this even to sports,” said Kristian.

Despite starting tennis later than his peers, he has placed and won several tournaments thanks to the persistence and focus that he learned from Kumon.

Learn more about Kristian’s accomplishments, inspiration, and his words of advice below:

What is the most beneficial thing you’ve learned in Kumon thus far?  

Hard work never comes easy. I know that Kumon makes me smarter and each and every Kumon problem that I solve takes me further ahead in math and in my learning. Kumon gets me to the mountain, but I have to climb it, and once I am on top the reward will be amazing, and my hard work will have paid off.

What was your experience like during the Kumon Student Conference, and what was your favorite part?  

I was so honored to be selected to be a part of the conference and very inspired to hear from the ambassadors, especially getting to see some of their accomplishments, like the flashlight invention to help children without electricity.  My favorite part of the conference was seeing the talent videos (including my own!) of all the Kumon Students who are musical just like me. These videos motivated me so much to keep working hard with Kumon because it made me realize other students from around North America are a lot like me which was very exciting and inspiring.

What are some activities you enjoy doing outside of school and Kumon?

I really enjoy playing tennis and golf because they are “life sports” that I can hopefully play for many years, and I also am a musician. I perform on stages around Orlando playing electric guitar and singing in a band, and I have been playing piano for seven years. This past May during the pandemic, I played “Jafar” in my school’s virtual musical production of Aladdin which was so much fun. I also was featured on Opera Orlando’s Facebook and Instagram pages singing the duet “Phantom of the Opera” with my sister in late May. I absolutely love music, and I was very excited to see so many other Kumon Students play music too during the online convention.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

John F. Kennedy – I really admire him because of his role in the Civil Rights Movement; he stood up for what is right, even though he lost some popularity because of it.  This has stayed with me, especially with the many events that have happened this year, and I want to also stand up for what is right regardless of the consequences.  I also am very inspired by JFK’s dream and leadership with our space program and “choosing to go to the moon,” because I hope to one day build spacecrafts and rockets myself.

What advice would you give to kids just starting Kumon?  

Kumon may be challenging, but it is worth it later on in life. The problem-solving skills that you learn and how to figure out tough problems on your own based on older concepts you’ve already learned, will help you in so many aspects of your life.  Just know that the hard work will pay off, and it will all be so worth it when you are successful in school and in achieving your dreams.

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