Kumon Student Designs Jewelry to Give Back to Those in Need 

Kumon Student Designs Jewelry to Give Back to Those in Need 


Joshika, a 10-year-old Kumon Math and Reading Student, is on a mission to give back to those in need. She started her own company called Joshika’s Jewels for Joy in August of 2019 when she was in 2nd grade. The mission of the company is to spread more joy to those around her.  


The handcrafted jewels are made to sell, and the profits are donated to various charities. Since beginning in 2019 she has donated: 

  • More than 1,000 new toys to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 
  • More than 600 food items to local food pantries 
  • 100 pairs of jewelry to doctors and nurses as a token of appreciation during the pandemic 

Joshika’s Jewels for Joy is part of a nonprofit organization called Little Helpers, which was founded by her sister Rishika.  


“My biggest inspiration is my sister, Rishika, because she finished both the Kumon Reading and Math programs,” she says. “I am also inspired by how she is the founder of Little Helpers, a 501©(3) nonprofit organization, which helped to start my own.”


For her hard work, Joshika was recognized as the youngest recipient of The Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky “17 under Seventeen Awards 2021” and received a $5,000 scholarship to the University of Cincinnati. 


Another passion that Joshika has is working on sewing projects. She hopes to pursue a career as a fashion designer. 


In addition to her community service projects, Joshika has been enrolled in the Kumon Program for six years which has made a significant difference in her life.   


“I think Kumon has made me smarter in general,” she says. “I also get really into the Reading Program because it uses passages from interesting stories, and I enjoy reading them.” 


Studying above grade level in Kumon has made school easier for her by allowing her to process concepts and stay motivated. She has also developed a love of reading and writing in her free time.  


Joshika’s advice to Kumon Students is: “Don’t give up whenever the work becomes challenging. You just need to keep on trying and you’ll get it.” 


She is currently on Level I in Math and Level J in Reading while in 5th grade. She hopes to continue studying and finish the Kumon Program soon!