Jethro, 16; Donald Lander, Instructor - Kumon

Jethro, 16; Donald Lander, Instructor

Ask successful people what helped them the most and very often you will be told of mentors who guided and challenged them. Although Jethro was a straight A student from pre-school through the seventh grade, he continued to fail national standardized tests. At 12 years old, his parents enrolled him in the Kumon Program to help him overcome his weakness in taking standardized tests.

Less than a year into the Kumon Program, Jethro was studying above his school grade level in math and reading. Jethro’s dad frequently met with his Kumon instructor to discuss Jethro’s progress and together they worked out a plan to keep Jethro motivated through the tough times. “I helped Jethro’s father see the applicability of the Reading program to future academics and he was able to relay that back to Jethro,” says Kumon Instructor Donald Lander. The parents saw changes in Jethro that he could not see in himself and their recognition and support encouraged Jethro to view studying from a long term perspective.

Jethro completed the Kumon Reading program in two years and will soon complete the Math Program, which ends with calculus.  While doing this, he not only achieved top scores on his eighth grade Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test (FCAT), he also earned first place at Edison Regional Science and Engineering Fair which awarded him a full, four year scholarship to Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). He also won first place in the Lee County History Fair and was accepted in the International Baccalaureate program at Fort Myers High School.

It’s no mystery that his mentors are his parents and the Kumon Instructor who collaborated and together helped Jethro focus on his goals. Jethro has his sights on becoming a software engineer for the United States Air Force.  Academically he’s prepared for lift-off.