Haresh, 5; Pallavi Pandya, Instructor - Kumon

Haresh, 5; Pallavi Pandya, Instructor

With English not being his first language, Haresh was often uncomfortable with others outside his normal social circle.  At three years old, his mom enrolled him in the Kumon Reading Program to improve his vocabulary skills and to prepare him to be more communicative within a school environment. Now a pre-k student, he has the confidence to speak with his school teacher and fellow classmates and takes great pride in reading aloud in class. Being one of the few in his pre-school class who can read, his classmates look to him as a role model and they too are motivated to learn to read. “I love coming to Kumon. I read story books along with my friends and tell them the story. I help my friends learn new words,” says Haresh.


Also a Kumon Math student, Haresh is a step ahead in his class solving addition and subtraction problems. He aims to develop his multiplication and division skills when he begins the first grade.


“As a parent, we are most satisfied with the coaching provided to Haresh.  He developed a confidence level to face anything,” says Abirami, his mom. “By the growth shown by Haresh, we were impressed a lot and we decided to enroll our younger daughter Madhuvarshini in Kumon at the age of three and now she is showing a lot of progress in her reading,” she added.


In the near future, Haresh’s parents are looking to enter him in state and national reading and math competitions. Haresh is excited to step up to the challenge. The once shy young boy now knows that learning adage of “practice makes perfect” gives him the assurance that without exception, his abilities can rival with the best.


Haresh takes karate and swimming classes and wants to be a Security Officer when he grows up. With a strong foundation in self-learning skills in one hand and a dream in his other hand, he holds the right combination to be whatever he chooses.