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Tips and tricks to improve study skills, the foundation for daily learning.

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What Math Skills Do Children Need Before Kindergarten?

Parents need to keep the goal of setting a solid foundation for continued learning in mind when they consider, “What math skills do children need before kindergarten?”

Kindergarten is a big new challenge for kids. It’s often their first experience with structured learning. They will be introduced to many new concepts


What is the Best Study Routine for Children?

Establishing an academic study routine is paramount to a student’s mastery of the skills they need to progress through their academic career.

A study routine provides a structured framework that promotes discipline, consistency and optimal learning. But it doesn’t happen without work, and this is where the Kumon Method excels.

How Can Parents Encourage Independent Learning?

Parents often are attracted to Kumon Centers because they read or hear that Kumon helps students become independent learners. Independent learning is prized because independent students are engaged and enjoy learning. They are more confident and perform better academically. What students learn at Kumon works best when it is reinforced at home, however. So,


Overcoming Challenging Levels in the Kumon Math Program

Working through the Kumon Program can be much like building a house. Before you even pour the foundation, you need an idea of what you want the house to look like when it’s done. How many floors it will have, how many bedrooms, and how many bathrooms?