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The SAT, Redesigned

Created by the College Board, the SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. The SAT was recently redesigned to more closely follow what students are learning in school and to correspond with the Common Core. Students can take the new SAT starting in March 2016.
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How does Kumon help prepare students to become successful standardized test-takers?

To be successful on standardized tests, students must possess effective test-taking strategies. Through long-term study, Kumon students build a strong academic foundation in mental calculation, critical thinking, and reading ability, while developing these important test-taking strategies and skills:
Follow instructions and read questions carefully.
Reading the instructions and questions carefully is a simple, yet


Why is Dual Enrollment in Kumon Math and Reading Important?

Being enrolled in both the Kumon Math and Reading programs is necessary to develop the whole child. The Kumon Math Program develops strong problem-solving and calculation skills from the four basic operations through algebra and to calculus. The Kumon Reading Program builds excellent reading ability from understanding basic sentences to critically reading advanced literary texts.


Lifelong Learning with Kumon

Lifelong learning is a mindset of continuous engagement in acquiring knowledge and applying skills. A lifelong learner is someone who desires and seeks out new learning opportunities and activities at any age. Children learn a lot by the behaviors of those around them. For example, parents and siblings who often reading the newspaper or books