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Leading by Example: How Kumon Helped Two Students Propel their Academic Careers

The Kumon Program aims to teach students how to learn through an emphasis on independent learning. Just as a child does not learn how to swim or play a musical instrument by reading about it, the Kumon Program encourages students to take an active role in their academic education. From learning how to study, to learning how to solve problems, the Kumon Program helps to develop each student into a confident independent learner. Below we share success stories detailing how the Kumon Program helped two students flourish. 

Roger, a former Kumon Student and undergraduate at Harvard University

 “Kumon really helped me develop my problem-solving ability.”

Roger first began the Kumon Program in Taiwan at the age of five. When his family moved to Canada a few years later, he continued with the Kumon Math Program. This time however, he was studying in a different language. As a result of his dedication, he was able to complete the Kumon Math Program while he was in junior high school. Since then he has received a perfect score on the math section of the SAT and began his studies as an undergraduate at Harvard. When asked about his experience at Kumon, he explained how much his parents motivated and encouraged him throughout his experience. He said, “Encouragement from parents is very important. I’m sure I would have given up if my dad didn’t keep me at it. Keep up the pressure. Your children will thank you someday.”

Simon, a former Kumon Student and undergraduate at York University

“The study techniques that I learned through Kumon are what I am the most appreciative of today.”

Although Simon was enrolled in the Kumon Program at an early age, it wasn’t until he reached fourth grade when he began to realize the significance of daily practice. He said, “My parents really had to push me. I am glad that I have persistent parents. I owe them a lot for keeping me at my Kumon studies.”  From there, Simon went on to become a Kumon Math Program Completer. As a biology student at York University, he uses his experiences from the Kumon Program to propel him even further. When asked about his experience with the Kumon Program, he said, “I seem to be a lot faster at deriving formulas than most students, thanks to the strong foundation that the Kumon Program has given me.”

For more information on how the Kumon Program can help propel your child to new academic heights, visit your local Kumon Center at Kumon.com.