8 Spring Activities for Kids to Help Them Learn As They Grow

8 Spring Activities for Kids to Help Them Learn As They Grow

8 Spring Activities

Each March, we celebrate the first day of spring. It’s a time when growth is a common topic, especially as plants and flowers begin to bloom. Growth can be tied to so many different aspects of life, especially that of your child’s development and knowledge.

We’re sharing 8 spring activities that incorporate the opportunity to learn something new:

preparing plant pots

1. Plant a seed and start a garden

Planting seeds is an amazing way to see growth occur. You can work with your child to create a growth journal to check in on the plant status or even take photos throughout the progress to look back on once the plant has fully grown. This way you will be able to talk through different stages or how long it takes for growth to occur.

Keep in mind that you can also use kitchen scraps to grow something new. Fruits and vegetables will not only make for a nutritious snack, but a great way to see what can come out of recycling waste to grow even more from it.

As your child sees the seeds and produce begin to grow into something new, they will be excited for the final result. Creating a garden with these items will allow them to have a hobby while also doing something great for the environment.

girl surrounded by plants

2. Take out the magnifying glass

A magnifying glass is a tool that kids love to use. Whether they are taking a closer look at a blooming plant or inspecting an ant, it’s fun to be able to see things zoomed in. It also opens discussions as a child is able to get a closer look at something. They may have questions or be curious to learn more. This is a great opportunity to share how growth is sometimes challenging to see with just our eyes alone, and need tools to give us a closer view.

father helping son jump off a log

3. Explore a local park

Another fun spring activity for kids is to get outside and explore nature, especially by taking an adventure in a local park. Some parks offer events, classes or volunteer opportunities that can be interesting for the whole family. Browse your local community events page to see what is available in your area. If you’d like to just spend the day relaxing, you can prepare lunch together before you go and have a picnic in the park. On a cloudy day, spot different cloud formations together and watch your child’s imagination unfold.

4. Talk about the weather

The seasons changing is the perfect time to talk about the weather in your area. For example, if you live in the northeastern part of the U.S., you may experience frequent rainy days. You can create a Rain Cloud in a Jar experiment to see up close how clouds make rain. When discussing the weather, you can even connect it to the growth and life cycle of plants, as well as other aspects of nature!

5. Make a DIY bird feeder

With the warmer weather, birds will be out in full force gathering food and resources. If there are bird nests in your area, you can discuss how and why they’re made and even the important of a safe space. A fun activity to observe the birds in your backyard is to create a homemade bird feeder. The process is simple and once completed, you can even take out binoculars and get a closer look at the birds that stop in for a bite to eat.

Son, father, mother, daughter holding hands walking to the left

6. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

We created a Neighborhood Nature Walk to get your kids excited to take a trip outdoors on those beautiful spring days! You don’t have to go far either, as most things on here can be found just by taking a walk in your community. This free printable guide is great to bring along because it will allow you to explore and have fun while doing so. If you want to try to make it a bit more challenging, you can set a particular color of items to seek out or even add more items to the list after you’ve checked all of these off.

7. Talk about the having a growth mindset

While we’ve shared some ways to learn and grow in the spirit of spring, one other important area of growing is a growth mindset. Encourage your child to think about the possibilities and opportunities ahead of them by prompting them with the following:

  • I am brave enough to try _________.
  • I can improve _________ with practice and hard work.
  • I want to learn how to _______.

Discussing these prompts with your child will help them understand that they can still grow, learn, and develop continuously. There is no limit to what they can accomplish if they set their mind to it or even define clear goals. Although there may be challenges, they can persevere and blossom in unlimited ways.

Boy infront of screen doing Kumon worksheet

8.Enroll in an academic program

There are a variety of benefits to enrolling your child in a supplemental academic program. The Kumon Math and Reading Program will not only build your child’s foundational skills but enrolling in the spring will help them finish the school year strong and allow them time to build their confidence to tackle upcoming material in the fall. If you’d like to learn more about how the Kumon Program has helped various students grow and develop, check out our Success Stories.

Spring is a great time to discuss growth with your child and get involved in fun spring activities that incorporate learning. This list of 8 spring activities for kids can be used as a starting point to explore outdoors, learn new things, and develop mentally and academically!