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Learning How to Learn: What It Means as a Kumon Student and Parent

Understanding how to learn is fundamentally as important as knowing what to learn. For nearly 60 years, the Kumon Program has aimed to help students from around the world develop the skills needed to become independent learners. Below we highlight a few Kumon Students and Parents whose experiences with independent learning have resulted in lasting success.

Kumon Parents

“My girls are successful and enjoy the Kumon Program. They are learning to apply what they are doing in Kumon to other areas in their lives.” – Dave, Kumon Dad from Waterloo, ONT, Canada

“My daughter learned to read through Kumon. It has taught her to focus, be an independent learner, love reading, solve math exercises efficiently, and has given her confidence in her daily life.” – Nichole, Kumon Mom from Fond du Lac, WI


“Along with improving academic abilities and skills in math and reading, Amelia learned to work independently, make decisions, solve problems, face challenges, learn from mistakes, and handle failures and successes. Those are all very important skills that will help her later in her life.” – Aksana, Kumon Mom from Brooklyn, NY

“His self-learning increased more after he joined Kumon and he believes that he can solve problems or work on any project as independently as he can.” –  Karthik, Kumon Dad from Wellington Center

“Eddington’s work ethic, self-confidence and motivation to learn beyond his age or grade have made the successes he’s experienced possible. I have no doubt in my mind that these achievements are a precursor of greater things to come in his future.” – Einstein, Kumon Dad from Scarborough, ONT, Canada

Kumon Students

“Even though some math problems are tricky, I like to use what I know to figure them out.”  – Neetu, Kumon Student from Santa Cruz, CA

“The benefit of learning on your own is that you can explore different ways of thinking, and you can go through difficult concepts on your own, without help.” – Cherry, Kumon Student from St. Louis, MO

“Kumon helps me see things before I see them in school, so it’s easier to learn. I like being smart and helping other students.” – Carly, Kumon Student from Shrewsbury, NJ