Lila, 7; Instructor, Phil Kwon - Kumon

Lila, 7; Instructor, Phil Kwon

While most Kumon Students enroll into the program at their parent’s request, it was Lila herself at three years old that begged her parents to sign her up for the reading program, and later the math program.  Lila’s mother, Kristina, would read to her at home and Lila became frustrated that she couldn’t read the books herself.  Lila enrolled in Kumon and was soon reading independently; sparking a love for learning that continues to grow.
Now, four years later, Lila is seven years old and has advanced so much that she skipped the first grade.  “When I got to skip a grade in school I was very nervous but it turned out to be fun,” said Lila. She credits Kumon for helping her with her advanced schoolwork, “Because it makes problems easier to learn because I’ve already been familiar with them through Kumon.”
In addition to schoolwork and Kumon Assignments, Lila keeps very busy participating in the Forest Hills Swim Team, playing the piano, and volunteering at the Oakland County Animal Shelter where she walks dogs and plays with the cats and kittens.  While it is a challenge to keep up with her daily assignments, she will often complete her work before school to allow time for after-school activities.  Reading continues to be her favorite part of Kumon because she gets to check on new books from the Recommended Reading List at her center library. Two of her favorite books that she learned about from Kumon are “Bridge To Teribithia” and “James and the Giant Peach.”
Lila has big dreams for her future and is deciding between being a paleontologist, an artist, an author, an illustrator, a veterinarian, a singer, and a foster mother for puppies.