Maddee, 9 and Randee, 11: Instructor Carolynn Glass - Kumon

Maddee, 9 and Randee, 11: Instructor Carolynn Glass

January 19, 2011 ~

Sisters Randee and Maddee are students in San Antonio, Texas, and have both been studying with Kumon for more than six years – and both have their eyes on completing both the Math and Reading Programs.

“As a parent and educator, I want to equip my daughters with confidence, motivation and a strong foundation in math and reading so that they are prepared for anything – and the Kumon Program instills these skills,” said Rhonda, mother of both Maddee and Randee. “My girls have not struggled in their academics and are motivated to keep learning and achieving.”

Both Maddee and Randee are home-schooled, attend Kumon and balance multiple extracurricular activities, including piano, singing in their church choir, playing tennis, Spanish lessons and learning sign language.

“Both girls are very independent and always strive to work harder – and really take ownership of their Kumon studies,” said Carolynn, Instructor for the Kumon Math and Reading Center of De Zavala. “They are always positive and excited about new concepts.”

Both Maddee and Randee say Kumon is one of their favorite activities because they love to learn.

“I joke that we would rather go without food than without Kumon – it has created such a connection between me and my children,” said Rhonda. “We are a Kumon family!”