Maggie, 16: Instructor Lynne Rawlins - Kumon

Maggie, 16: Instructor Lynne Rawlins

May 25, 2010 ~

Have you ever thought that doing well in math could bring a father and daughter closer together? Maggie’s experiences at the Richvale Kumon Math and Reading Center not only made school easier, but it helped strengthen the relationship between her and her father.

A recent Kumon Math completer, Maggie was originally inspired to learn more about math by the books her father, a software engineer and former physics professor in China, used to read. “I remember randomly opening his math books and looking at a page of graphs, symbols and numbers. I was always very curious about what I saw on those pages.”

When 16-year-old Maggie was in the sixth grade, she began struggling in her math courses and was worried about failing. That was when, with the support and guidance of her parents, Maggie enrolled at the Richvale Kumon Center. Once she began working towards program completion, Maggie and her father soon began to share a new common language – of equations and cosines.

“Now that I’ve completed the program, my father recommends some of his books for us to read together. I am proud of being able to read some of his books,” said Maggie. “There are still many mysteries, but completing the program has helped me decipher some of them, much to my father’s and my enjoyment.”

Now, Maggie works as a center assistant, inspiring, supporting and motivating the other students in the class. She also devotes her time to learning piano, competing in vocal competitions and reading mystery stories. Maggie hopes to have a career in law when she gets older.